Thought Week 2011

Thought Week 2011:

Thought week 2011 is our first *big week of stuff*. It will have talks, discussions and activities to make people consider important things, and invigorate minds. We expect it to go down something like this:

4:15 – Talk by Dennis Penaluna, President of Nottingham Secular Society, Me, You and the Power of One, Maths department SM1

8:00 – Design your own religion pub discussion, Colston Arms

2:30 – Richy Thompson, AHS president, The AHS’s campaign initiative, 0A1 lecture theatre, Social sciences complex, priory road

8:00 – Charity pub quiz (fabulous prizes included), Colston Arms

1:10 – Self deception short pub discussion, Highbury vaults

6:00 – Andrew Pyle, UoB philosopher, Toleration and respect, Wills memorial building, Coutts lecture theatre

6:00 – Peter Atkins, Science as King, Wills memorial building, Coutts lecture theatre