Reason Week 2012

So Reason Week 2012 is drawing to a close and what a week its been! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our speakers for coming along and getting involved. It’s been a great week that has really shown what we have here in Bristol, on both sides of the Theism discussion. I’ve put a summary of the events and links to all our media (including audio). I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the AASS committee for their hard work and dedication throughout the week and to thank everyone who came along and supported us! –
Michael Harratt, AASS President 2011-12

Monday 6th Feb: Interfaith 2012: Faith & Conscience: Beliefs in Public Life
The first of our Reason Week events where we look at the way different ideas inform our behaviour in the public sphere. Representatives from a number of UBU’s Faith Societies join AASS for the evening. There were a series of pre-set questions answered by each of our panellists before the floor is opened for questions.

Regrettably, the audio recordings for this event didn’t work out as well as hoped.

Tuesday 7th Feb: Question Time: Religion in Education
Our second event of Reason Week 2012 saw Michael Paynter of the AHS stand in for Dr Evan Harris who had to withdraw at short notice, Rachael Fletcher of the University’s Multi-faith Chaplaincy, Peter Valchos, National Secular Society Council Member and Prof Gavin D’Costa of the University of Bristol’s Theology Dept. for an evening exploring the role of religion in Education. We offered the chance to submit questions and grill our panellists on how we should treat faith, beliefs and religion in our state education system.

Get the audio from the evening here!

Wednesday 8th Feb: “Cutting Religion out of Medicine” Dr Antony Lempert, Secular Medical Forum
Dr Anthony Lempert is the director of the Secular Medical Forum and comes to speak to us on how religious beliefs influence medical practices. From paediatric circumcision to end of life care, Dr Lempert campaigns for the secularisation of evidence based medicine.

Get the audio from the evening here! Unfortunately, the tape ran out just as questions were beginning so we’ve got just Dr Lempert’s excellent lecture!

Thursday 9th Feb: “Atheism across the pond” Lyz Liddell, SSA
Lyz Liddell, Director of Campus Organizing at the US-based Secular Student Alliance, lead a virtual “tour” of organized student atheism in the United States. We learned what your peers across the pond are doing, the challenges they face, and the successes they’ve had over the past decade.

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