Philosophy, Science & Religion: Tools for understanding the world

Dr Julian Baggini, Dr Sheikh Ramzy and Professor David Colquhoun join us for an evening examining the ways in which we look at our world and seek understanding.

Dr Julian Baggini, author of the Ego Trick, seeks to explain Philosophy’s means of looking at the world while Dr Ramzy from the Muslim Council of Britain explores Religion and Faith. Professor Colquhoun, writer of the Improbable Science blog, rounds off our line up by looking to explain Science’s way of understanding an often bewildering world. The evening will be chaired by a member of the Bristol Debating Union.

This is a free event hosted by the University of Bristol Union Atheist Agnostic and Secular Society (AASS). Students, Alumni and members of the general public are welcome to attend. Indeed, we welcome those of faith and those of none, no matter your creed or thoughts.

We hope to see you all there! – The AASS Committee

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