Religion in Education

Current legislation requires an act of collective worship in schools, there are few Humanist chaplains in university chaplaincies and creationism can be taught in the new free faith schools under the Coalition Government policy.

These are all things that the society stands to oppose alongside our affiliated interest groups.

Question Time: Religion, Secularism & Education – 7th Feb 2011
The first major event as part of our exploration of the role that Faith plays within the education sector. We will be joined in Powell Lecture theatre from 7pm by Dr Evan Harris, former Lib Dem MP and secular campaginer, Gerrard Phillips, VP National Secular Society, Rachael Fletcher of the University’s Mutli-faith Chaplaincy and a representative of the Oasis Academy Group for an evening of questions and discussion of the role of educaiton in education. The evening will be chaired by the President of the Student’s Union, Gus Baker.