AASS Constitution

a.The name of the Society shall be the University of Bristol Atheist, Agnostic and Secular Society.
b.The Society shall be recognised by the University of Bristol Union.

a. The Society aims to provide guidance and discussion for atheist, agnostic and non-religious students, and a tolerant and open-minded arena for discussion and debate concerning issues to do with atheism, agnosticism and secularism.
b. The Society aims to campaign for equal opportunities inside and outside the University, regardless of religious preference and persuasion.
c. The Society shall aim always to abide by the Union’s Equal Opportunities and Harassment Policies.
d. The Society aims to provide talks, discussions, and other public academic events.
e.The society shall aim to investigate and implement campaigns relevant to the society and its members

a. Full membership is open to all ordinary members of the Union by application in writing to the Secretary of the Society.
b. Associate membership is open to all other persons who are interested in the aims and objectives of the Society.
c. Not less than two-thirds of the Society members shall be members of the Union.
d. The secretary shall keep a list of all members, differentiating between full and associate members.
e. There shall be a subscription fee levied for membership, which shall be fixed at the discretion of the committee
f. There shall be a one day delay before membership application comes into effect

a. Only full members may sit on the committee.
b. All categories of membership shall have equal rights of voting and attending meetings.

a. There shall be a committee of the society which shall be the executive decision making body of the society.
b. The President and/or Chair of the Committee shall be a full member of the Union.
c. The Committee shall be responsible for the general and financial policy of the Society, subject to such rules as laid out in the General Union Functions.
d. Quoracy for committee meetings shall be set at 50% of the post filled positions plus one.
e.The committee shall be composed of:
Social Secretary
Academic Secretary

Provision can be made for an Honorary Chairman and Vice President(s) at the discretion of the society, should the society find it necessary.

a. The Treasurer of the society shall be a full member of the Union and not in their final year at the University.
b. The accounts of the society shall be audited by a member of university staff and submitted to the UBU Vice President: Activities as and when requested, and at least once per annum.
c. All financial arrangements must be made in accordance with current instructions to Society Treasurers, as set down by Student Activities Committee.

a. There shall be an Annual General Meeting once per annum, and this shall be in the first week of March.
b. Notices of such meetings must be communicated to the society’s members via email and publication on the society’s website at least seven days beforehand
c. Quorum of such meetings shall be set at 3 committee members plus 3 non committee members.
d. An Emergency General Meeting may be called by 5% of the membership of the Society by application to the Secretary. An EGM shall be called as specified on the application, but at least 7 days notice shall be given.

a. Elections shall be held at the Annual General Meeting to elect officers of the committee for the following session.
b. At each General Meeting, after the election of a new committee, 2 people shall be designated the role of AHS representative, which will give them the right to vote at the AHS’s AGM on behalf of the society (as long as AASS is a member of the AHS)
c. Each year the role of multifaith forum representative shall be assigned to a committee member (as long as the AASS is a member of the multifaith forum)
d. There shall be provision for by-elections to be held at an EGM in term time should there be vacant committee posts. Such elections cannot be in the first or last week of term, or in the last 4 weeks of teaching in the summer term. Nominations can be received on the day or in advance of the general meeting. Votes for all positions shall be taken by a show of hands.
e. Any restrictions on who can stand must be stated – note that such restrictions must not contravene the Equal Opportunities Policy.
f. Nominations can be received on the day or in advance of the general meeting. Votes for all positions shall be taken by a show of hands.
g. Only and all contested elections shall be by secret ballot.

a. The society shall affiliate to external bodies only where membership of those bodies is essential to the fulfilment of the core aims, and only with the prior agreement of the Societies Executive
b. The Society shall be affiliated with the British Humanist Association
c. The Society shall be affiliated with the National Secular Society
d. The Society shall be affiliated with the National Federation of
Atheist Humanist and Secular Student Societies
e. Any of the affiliations in clauses 10.b-d may be suspended by a
simple majority committee vote should the need arise. This
suspension must then be ratified by an Extraordinary General Meeting
with sufficient quorum at the earliest opportunity and should it be
upheld, disaffiliation from the suspended affiliate will ensue. If the
suspension is not ratified within 14 working days then the Society will
revert to affiliate status.”

a. Any amendment to this constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of the members present at a properly constituted General Meeting.
b. All such amendments shall become valid only after approval by the Societies Executive.