Reason Week 2012 – After thoughts

Well, this week has probably been my busiest since I’ve been at University. As President, I knew this year would be difficult: juggling the demands of my final year literature project and the society’s needs. The damn thing is like a beast that hungers for more of your time and attention. Needless to say, I would never have made it through without my excellent committee and for that I thank them. With hindsight, taking the literature over a lab project was the best thing I could have done, I’d have hated having to balance being in the lab and keeping a small email turnaround time. The library’s open all night, labs aren’t!

This week showed me how much we have here at Bristol. I didn’t truly realise it until Tuesday evening but the Interfaith atmosphere that we have here is exemplary and I would like to thank everyone, especially Ed Davies and the other full time staff at the Chaplaincy for their hard work in getting this working. It’s a massive asset and one the things to be really very proud of here at Bristol. The week also showed that the Union can be incredibly useful, despite their reputation. Without them, we could not have hired lecture theatres or PA equipment nor would we have had the infrastructure to manage our own finances. They might get moaned at but if they weren’t there then we couldn’t have had Lyz Liddell chatting to us from the US or Dr Lempert addressing an audience in a student led event. The current team of Sabbatical Officers have been great – I’d like to thank them (particularly Chris Ruff and Gus Baker) for always being on the end of an email to answer my queries and to support the society in its work.

I hope people enjoyed the events we put on this week. When the committee came together to plan this, we tried to get some of the old and some new stuff in there. Perhaps we could have rounded off with a social tonight or worked harder for the Regional Convention that we’ve had to postpone but in all it was successful and we still have a little bit of money (not much, mind) in the Alumni Foundation (one them in a moment) to add to our reserves to make us stronger for coming years.

Then at the end of the week we had amazing news that I announced to the people who attended Lyz’s talk on Thursday. That’s coming in May and we’re very much looking forward to it.

Finally, if I could stand to hug people then I’d probably go find the person who’s responsible for setting up the Alumni Foundation. Without them, this week truly wouldn’t have been possible so thank you to all Alumni who donated to the Fund – it allows so much amazing stuff to be done here at Bristol and we’d be at a real loss as a student community.

Thank you again to everyone who attended anything this week,
Michael Harratt
AASS President 2011-12

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